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In 2008 I was diagnosed with a complex mental illness that turned my life upside down. 

What followed was almost a decade of emotional turmoil, suicide attempts, difficulty with relationships, physical ailments, financial struggles, drug and alcohol abuse as well as weight gain. 

After a near-fatal hospitalisation from blood poisoning, I decided enough was enough, it was time to take control of my life and find that woman I knew I was always meant to be. I adapted my lifestyle, lost 60kg and completely transformed my life – from the inside out.

In this eBook I talk about the hardest times in my life as well as the steps I took to be the healthy and happy person I am today.

This is so much more than a weight loss book. This is a story of resilience, of sacrifice and about choosing life and living authentically.

After getting asked so many times about my health transformation and how I was so confident, I decided to share my story with the intention to provide inspiration to others who may be feeling the way I did for so long. 

When I made the decision to make changes to my life, I struggled to find people who had a similar situation to me, to be able to source inspiration from. So I became my own inspiration. 

The strategies and tips I talk about in this eBook, I still live by to this day.

As cliche as it sounds – if I can do it… you can do it!

Be you, the world will adjust.
After all, fortune favours the bold.

Things I cover

  • My Story
  • The Mindset
  • The Movement
  • The Challenges
  • The Upside/The Downside
  • My Tips and Strategies
  • My Personal Routine
  • Helpful Links and Resources

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Fit & Fabulous eBook

Get inspired with my Fit & Fabulous Ebook, packed with over 15 recipes created by me and practical tips to help you on your weight loss journey.

  • Daily Tracker
  • 2 x Meditations
  • Extra Recipe Book
  • Are you Ready? Quiz
  • Self Care Tool Kit
  • 30 Day Journal Prompts
  • Reminders from Missy
  • Interactive Vision Board


Goal Setting Worksheet

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Follower Feedback

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You have inspired me sooo much with posting videos like this ! I'm currently 25 kilos down and couldn't be happier🥰
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Hi @missyrobinson I've just stumbled across your IG You are incredible & a real life inspiration & superwoman Congratulations on your remarkable health achievements both mental & physical! 🙌🏻💖
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It's a wonderful thing you're doing, very much needed in today's age of disconnection.
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Missy! You're page resonates with me so much! I love that you shared yourself at the most vulnerable. And my gift to myself this year was Shark diving too. Get out 👊🏻 Keep inspiring beautiful. I'm glad I came across your page today 🙏🏻
Emma M.
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Hey chick was lucky to meet you a few times through haven and had a laugh with you at a or event at Hoggs breath where I brought a dodgy tinder date. Was super impressed with your professional accomplishments but thought you were a great down to earth girl. Good luck in the future. I have no doubt whatever you do you'll smash it x
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You have come a long way. You are an inspiration. Thank you for being a guide for me. Peace and love to you always🌼
Peter D.
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I know we have never spoken in the past, but l've seen the change in you over time ! I just wanted to say, that you have done an amazing job and are looking happy & absolutely amazing in what you have accomplished 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
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Hi Missy, I've watched your transformation and what a result. I'm actually going through it at the moment. You're an inspiration to a lot of others. The best thing about your end result is that you look so natural and that is the best outcome you could ask for. Stay beautiful Missy.


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