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Missy's World


Introducing Missy Robinson – Aussie Army Vet, Mental Health Warrior, and Confidence & Weightloss Motivator! 

Get ready to be blown away by the amazing world of Missy Robinson, a total powerhouse who’s gone from being in the Australian Army to becoming an inspirational mental health advocate, speaker, writer and coach. Her story is one that’ll leave you shook with its sheer resilience and determination to conquer any obstacle in her path.

Missy’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with a Complex Mental Illness (CMI) in 2008, a result of a sexual assault during her military service. This diagnosis kicked off her battle against Bipolar Affective Disorder, Complex PTSD, and Psychosis that lasted for two decades.

As a fierce mental health advocate, Missy has graced the pages of countless media outlets like NY Post, Daily Mail, and Elle Magazine, just to name a few. She’s featured on TV screens, radio waves, and online platforms to spread awareness and promote healing. 

But it doesn’t stop there – Missy is also a dynamo on the stage, captivating audiences at schools, corporate events, and networking shindigs all over the country. With topics ranging from living with a Complex Mental Illness to crushing confidence, self-love and weight loss, she spins her unfiltered raw storytelling to leave listeners in awe.

Despite the battles she’s fought, Missy still knows how to keep it stylish and fabulous. 

Alongside her mental health advocacy work with SANE as an ambassador and fundraiser, she’s dived headfirst into adventures as a Travel and Lifestyle Reviewer and a top-level Google Guide. These gigs let her indulge in her love for fashion, travel, food, and entertainment, all while sharing her epic experiences with a huge audience.

Missy Robinson’s story is one for the books – triumphing over adversity, smashing through obstacles, and dedicating herself to spreading mental health awareness like a true survivor. Her journey will inspire you to embrace your own unique path, find that inner strength, and unlock the incredible power of self-love and healing.

And did we forget to mention that Missy is also a total weight loss queen? She’s lost a jaw-dropping 60kg naturally and now lives her absolute dream life. Talk about transformation goals! Missy’s journey is proof that with the right mindset and dedication, you can achieve anything your heart desires. From battling mental health challenges to conquering her own body, she’s living proof that you have the power to create the life of your dreams. Prepare to be inspired, because Missy Robinson is here to empower.