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Touch is a fundamental part of the way in which humans communicate, bond and heal.

Studies have proven that a soothing touch can do measurably more profound things to our emotional state; a hug instead of a handshake or a kiss on the forehead instead of a smile can psychologically enhance our mood and provide comfort, whether we realise it is happening or not. It is the gateway to our emotional health because our skin sends messages to our brain about what is going on outside (like temperature, pain, pleasure, etc.). 

It is important to remember that touching is not always about sexual intimacy and that it is be ok to be touched. Touch therapy is not about sex. It is about the healing of the body, mind and spirit, and the benefits of touch are sometimes forgotten because they can be considered a forbidden form of human contact.

The Benefits

Unfortunately, the lack of human touch can have a significant effect on our ability to function and make decisions, as well as our overall health. It is the most common cause of loneliness. In fact, overeating, self-destructive habits (smoking, nail-biting, pulling out hair etc.) as well as compulsive sexual behaviour have been linked to those people who lack human contact.

A lack of touch can see alienation from others, and ourselves, and it can be seen to be manifested in behaviours like boredom with home and work, aggression, deteriorated mental health, sexual dysfunction, unsatisfying relationships and an overall unenjoyment of life.

Cuddling isn’t just about feeling warm and comfortable. It’s about a need for physical touch in a safe, caring, trusted environment. The cuddle professional knows that non-sexual intimacy is something that is very much absent from modern human relationships.

Those who struggle with physical intimacy may benefit from professional cuddles, which allows for the benefits of human touch without the relational connection many people fear. People who travel for business or just want a travel or cuddle buddy, who have moved to a new town or just are lacking the comfort of having a loved one or best friend close may benefit from a cuddle professional’s service.

What Clients Have to Say

John 58,Gold Coast
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I love this form of therapy. I also love how it's really a one-on-one experience, not something that you pay for and then sit back and get cuddled like a stuffed animal.
Dave 23,Gold Coast
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I'm not kidding when I say that I had the most amazing, relaxing, and satisfying experience. I was so relaxed after being with Missy, that I fell asleep on the couch. It was absolutely wonderful!!!!
Sam 23,Brisbane
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I would like to recommend Missy for cuddle therapy. I was a bit nervous at first, but it was definitely the best therapy session I have ever had, she made me feel so comfortable with her non-judgmental approach.
Josh 39,Sunshine Coast
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I was really impressed with how professional, quick and easy it was to book our trip. It's exactly what I've been looking for. And the cuddles were amazing!
Azi 35,Sydney
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Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience! It's the little things that make a big difference in life. Yes, Missy is extremely attractive but she is also incredibly funny, smart and can hold herself in any professional setting. I love my cuddly companion and I hope to bring her with me on many more trips.
Andrew 38,Gold Coast
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When I left my wife, I was devastated. I felt like my life had been shattered into a million pieces. My cuddle therapy was my saving grace. She was the one that would comfort me and make me feel better in a neutral environment. Thanks to Missy, I can come to terms with my emotions and keep myself open to connection.
Wayne 41,Gold Coast
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So I was looking for a cuddle buddy to travel with, and Missy was recommended to me from a mate. I ended up booking her to be my travel companion for the week. It felt good to finally not dine at the buffet breakfast alone and enjoy happy hour with someone.. The platonic intimacy of a friendship that Missy provides plus her outgoing nature, makes it relaxing and fun. I am looking forward to more trips!
Jay 30,Tweed Heads
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Having PTSD from doing multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve struggled. I heard about Cuddle Therapy from my local RSL Veterans support group. When I found out Missy had served as well, I thought I’d give it ago. Being able to connect with a fellow Veteran in this intimate platonic capacity has really helped and I was surprised at how relaxed and comfortable I first felt in her presence. I’m less stressed, more in touch with my emotions and am sleeping better.



$ 150
  • 1hr of cuddles and company at your home or hotel accommodation. This is my standard rate for companionship and cuddles.
  • MON - FRI 9AM - 5PM


  • Gone are the days of the office fruit box delivery, in house weekly massage therapists, gym memberships and the occasional company team activity. Want to build a better workplace culture with more engaged employees, reduced stress and burnout, healthier, less lonely and more active employees. If you’re interested in incorporating Cuddle Therapy into your current Corporate Employee Mental Health Plan, then contact Missy today.


$ Rates in AUD – All bookings include an initial phone consultation. 


  • Expenses include any meals, drinks, transfers, travel, accommodation, entry fees and all other costs associated with the clients’ chosen activities for the booking
  • Clients’ will be required to provide a copy of photo ID prior to session.
  • Standard rate includes travel up to 30km, additional costs for any distance over 30km in any direction.

Cancellation up to 12 hrs before appointment – loss of payment 

Cancellation up to 24 hrs before appointment – payment held for next appointment

Confirmation of appointment will be sent via text 48hrs prior to appointment