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Missy's World


Hold onto your seats, ladies and gents, because Missy Robinson is in the house! 

From a kickass Aussie army vet to a mental health warrior and total weight loss queen, Missy is the embodiment of resilience and determination to overcome any obstacle that comes her way. 

With a diagnosis of Complex Mental Illness resulting from a sexual assault during her military service, Missy’s journey has been one of a fighter battling Bipolar Affective Disorder, Complex PTSD, and Psychosis for over two decades. 

But nothing can stop this fierce mental health advocate, speaker, writer, and coach from spreading awareness and promoting healing. She’s graced the pages of top-tier media outlets like NY Post, Daily Mail, and Elle Magazine, plus features on TV and radio programs, making her voice heard, and inspiring others to heal and overcome. Her dynamo presence doesn’t stop there. 

Missy captivates audiences at schools, corporate events, and networking shindigs across the country, spinning unfiltered raw storytelling on topics that range from living with complex mental illness to crushing confidence, self-love, and weight loss. 

But that’s not all folks! Missy is a total adventurer and keeps it fab and stylish on the stage, as well as in the world of fashion, travel, food, and entertainment as a Travel and Lifestyle Reviewer and a top-level Google Guide. 

She’s taking her audience on epic journeys while promoting mental health awareness. With her incredible transformation of naturally losing 60kgs and living her dream life, Missy’s journey is proof that with the right mindset and dedication, anything is achievable. Her inspiring story will have you embracing your unique path, finding your inner strength, and unlocking the power of self-love and healing. 

Are you ready to be empowered, inspired and uplifted? Then book Missy Robinson right now, because she is here to ignite your passion, provide insights, and leave the audience awe-inspired with her incredible story!